Our courses are designed with new photographers in mind.  
We will:

  • Get you out of AUTO mode immediately

  • Set up your camera for maximum success 

  • Show you how to solve common issues (picture brightness, focus issues, etc)

  • Help you master creative concepts like freezing action, depth of field control

  • Show you how to maintain accurate colour

  • Help you understand interchangeable lenses, which to use and when

  • Provide you with comprehensive student notes for review

  • Provide homework assignments to assist your progress

All of this and so much more with just 2-3 hours per week for 4 weeks. Our instructor is highly knowledgeable and easy to understand.

Our courses are for interchangeable lens digital cameras (mirrorless or DSLR)

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Cameraschool is one of Toronto's most established schools for photography education offering courses, workshops, and guided photo walks.

Our courses have been refined over the past two decades to accommodate changing technology, learning styles and aspirations. Your success is what drives us. 

​Don't miss another shot!  Join us today. 

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​for July and August!

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