The Complete lighting and shooting workshop

The saturday January 25, 2020 session is available for signup!

  This special event is held at Studio 311, located at 9 Davies Ave.
east and the DVP)

This extensive hands-on learning and shooting experience is designed to take your studio photography to new creative heights.  During this six-hour event, you will learn core lighting principles and work with professional and semi-professional studio lighting gear. 

This is a skills-transfer workshop.  You will learn everything needed to set up and use studio lighting for yourself without the compromise of shooting with continuous light sources.  We’ll also provide an extensive set of student notes, including buying advice and tips if you don't have your own lights just yet.

For this special edition of the workshop (weather permitting), we will be taking some lighting gear outdoors to show you how to effectively take full control of your outdoor light by mixing studio flash (battery powered) with ambient daylight.  We will discuss "overpowering the sun", high-speed sync, and do a little bit of natural light shooting as well.  The majority of the workshop time will be spent indoors. 

You’ll use your camera to photograph professional models in multiple genres such as portraiture, beauty, and athletic.  During this event, you will make images that you’ll be proud to have in your photography portfolio.  Whether you’re completely new to studio photography or have a bit of experience, this workshop is for you.  

All you need to bring is your DSLR or mirrorless camera, lenses, and a desire to learn and take amazing photographs in a studio setting. 

This is a six-hour event which includes, but is not limited to:

  • Photographing professional models in several genres with varying lighting setups

  • Setting up your camera in manual mode for perfect studio results
    (no manual mode experience required)

  • Understanding core light theory (hard vs soft light)

  • Controlling "falloff" as a method of lighting single persons, groups, and affecting the light in your background all at the same time

  • Making the right decision about the focal length of the lens for the shot

  • Understanding the light modifiers you can use to design the specific lighting for a shot, and then getting hands-on setup experience

  • Controlling the strobes (lights) - all about power, metering, controlling exposure

  • Demonstration of a tethered workflow to allow real-time image capture on a computer for greater preview ability when shooting live

  • How to use a light meter for precise light measurement of the subject

  • Use of umbrellas, strip boxes, octaboxes, beauty dishes and more

  • Ongoing discussion, tips, and techniques far beyond those mentioned here

  • Prior to the event, you will be provided with preparation notes to read in advance

  • 2-3 weeks following the event, you will receive a comprehensive set of student notes including lighting diagrams for all of the workshop setups, extra information about retouching, a buying guide and a gallery featuring images created during the workshop event

Who Should Attend?

If you've ever been curious about how the professionals (and aspiring professionals) truly light their subjects, then this workshop is for you.  You'll learn the skills and the techniques to do this all on your own, with advice on which gear to use and why.  No previous lighting experience is required.  

Seating is limited to a total of 8 attendees.  Reserve your seat now!

You will need:

  • a DSLR or mirrorless camera with interchangeable lens capability and a hot shoe on top of the camera (for the transmitter which we will provide)
  • at least one lens between 50mm and 100mm is ideal
  • other focal lengths greater than 100mm can be useful as well
  • FULLY charged batteries!
  • a memory card (second for backup is recommended if one should fail)
  • NO flash gear is needed - we provide all of the lighting equipment

Event fee: $259, six hours, all inclusive

PLUS complete colour student notes digital download

Our workshops traditionally sell out well in advance!

Join us for our January 25 session which is now live!

***Please note: if you have a Canon SL3 or T7 camera, your camera may not be compatible with our equipment.  Please contact for more info before registering***

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