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For those who wish customized learning experiences on a range of topics, we offer Private Lessons. 

This solution is designed to offer the most efficient mix of topics to help you reach your specific photography goals as quickly as possible, in a one-on-one environment.  Delivered at your home, office or other location that you provide, we can customize a learning solution that works for you. 

The topics available include:

  • Photo 101 material including camera set up, creative shooting with aperture and shutter priority modes, composition
  • Photo 201 material including manual shooting mode, exposure control/theory, long exposure photography​
  • General camera set up


Individual training starts at $250 for the minimum block of time (two hours). Based on our experience we can provide a realistic assessment of how much time is needed to provide the learning you need at a pace suited to you. 


In order to assess your needs and provide an accurate price for your needs, feel free to contact us at cameraschool using the FAQ/Contact page (contact form). Please provide as much information as possible about your needs.  Private lessons are not bookable through the site without a discussion of your needs.  


*Please note: private lesson fees are not negotiable.  Please consider this carefully prior to contacting us with inquiries about private lessons*


Cameraschool is one of Toronto's most established schools for photography education offering courses, workshops, and guided photo walks.

Our courses have been refined over the past two decades to accommodate changing technology, learning styles and aspirations. Your success is what drives us. 

​Don't miss another shot!  Join us today. 

Private lessons - online only due to current covid issues