Cameraschool is one of Toronto's most established schools for photography education offering courses, workshops, and guided photo walks.

Our courses have been refined over the past two decades to accommodate changing technology, learning styles and aspirations. Your success is what drives us. 

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The founders and primary instructors for 

Our instructors are highly experienced course creators and teachers.  These courses have been tuned and perfected to offer relevant detailed content to new photographers and advanced amateurs looking to grow and enhance their photography skills. 

Patience and attention to the student needs, along with key success goals for our students drives our passion for ensuring that everyone comes away with valuable skills.   


Courses designed by us are very much written with new photographers in mind.  There is no 'starting with manual mode'  here.  Photography doesn't have to be difficult. Your camera offers simple to use creative shooting options that do not require an understanding of the mathematics of exposure, and these shooting options are covered extensively in our Photo 101 course offering.  We save the more complex photography concepts (shooting in manual mode) for our Photo 201 course offering. The course material is designed to make you successful in the shortest possible period of time. The skills we offer are essential. These are the key skills upon which all of the world's great photography is based.  To ensure success and progression, light homework assignments and homework review are included. You are also provided with a set of digital course notes to have forever as a reference. 

Class Environment offers its multi-week courses using Zoom for online-only instruction. We offer real time training - not videos. The environment is fully interactive to allow for questions and open discussion. Using Zoom, you can attend from anywhere.