Photo 101 is an in-depth photography learning experience.

Over five consecutive weeks, you’ll learn both the creative and the technical sides of photography from an exceptionally experienced photographer and photography educator.  Each session is two hours. 

The lessons in this fun and interactive setting are designed to be rich and fulfilling.   The course covers the key fundamentals upon which all photography is based. Whether for professional pursuits or to simply nurture your photographic passions, this course is for you. 

For the fifth week of the course, a field trip outdoors will allow us to practise the key skills learned over the previous weeks. Should the weather not cooperate, bonus material will be covered in the classroom. 

Each week, you’ll be led through a combination of new subjects and accompanying hands-on activities. To further enrich your skills, you will be given light weekly ‘homework’ photo assignments. Homework assignment results are reviewed and discussed each week via a shared Flickr photo sharing group.  You can sign up for a free Flickr account to facilitate uploading your homework assignment results. 

This course includes all of, but is not limited to:

  • Getting acquainted with the vital controls of your camera for maximum success

  • Camera setup for proper focus, colour, image quality and other key settings

  • How to accurately focus on the primary subject in your scene to ensure sharpness where it's most important

  • Taking fine control over your photo exposure for highly satisfying results that sometimes the camera just doesn't provide by default

  • Core fundamentals of using your camera's shutter speed controls for basic and sophisticated motion-related effects (shutter priority mode)

  • Core fundamentals of controlling depth of field effects for creative isolation of subjects in the photo

  • Depth of field control for deep focus (landscapes, etc)

  • Demystifying the relationship between focal length and the effect on perspective in the final result 

  • Choosing the correct lenses for various photography genres (scenics, portraiture, sports, low light and more)

  • Composition ‘rules,’ tips and other advice that makes for more interesting photos and creative results
  • Finding the best 'soft' light for the most flattering portrait results

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for users of digital interchangeable lens cameras (DSLR and mirrorless types). If you are unsure if your make/model of camera would be suitable, please get in touch with us here and inquire. 

While owners of fixed lens cameras with advanced functions (aperture and shutter priority modes, A/Av or S/Tv on your mode dial) are welcome, this course is not suitable for owners of simple point and shoot style cameras. 

 Course fee: $275.00, all inclusive.

 (Complete pre-printed student notes provided) 

Photo 101 - The essential Experience (5-Week toronto classroom with field trip)

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